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App Development

Electronic Organization

Electronic submission of applications, deeds, surveys and other associated legal documents that can be uploaded, retrieved and shared through the application.

App Development

Seamless Integration with County GIS:

Parcels, easements or structures that are included in the program are virtually connected to GIS maps. The maps visually display where and "when" program dollars were spent.

App Development

Multi-level Communication

Information is tailored to and shared between County commissioners, administrators, committee members as well as municipal and non- profit applicants.

App Development


The nature of the application allows accessibility of ALL projects, past and present; thereby providing real-time metrics of the cumulative preservation information.

Our Impact - County of Morris


Currently Morris has engaged RAS on a project to reengineer and web-enable our Planning and Preservations office grant processing capabilities. Morris had created numerous disparate static databases over the years to support the management of critical high-visibility Planning and Preservation programs Open Space, Historic Preservation and Flood Mitigation.

RAS performed a Business Process Re-engineering analysis of the County’s As-Is grant application processes to engineer an interactive Web-Enabled application process that provides the ability for applicants to directly interact electronically and securely to complete, submit and track grant applications in real time. Efficiencies include improved grant approval processing timeframes, as well as the efficient organization of searchable historical files and program reference materials. is delivering Web-enabled applications utilizing state-of-the-market Web and Micro services technologies.

The reengineered process and Web App RAS is delivering has enabled Morris to standardize and modernize grant program management.

The modern web-based platforms RAS is delivering will allow the various Morris municipal, non-profit, and private applicants to submit applications interactively and monitor the processing of their application(s) in real time. The reengineered process also provides intuitive administrative dashboards that all County stakeholders can utilize to gather and review relevant program datapoints.

A collateral benefit is that RAS, as a Boutique service provider, is not burdened by layers of management enabling the market agility to collect and process extensive amounts of disparate information that allow RAS to quickly improve business practices in addition to rapidly incorporating State-of -the-Market Information Technology enhancements to modernize a County or Municipalities legacy business processes.

John J. Tugman, County of Morris CIO