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Unveiling Insights: A Guide to Prescription Pattern Analysis in Pharma

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  • Month: September 2023
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Today, data is one of the key driving forces behind the critical decisions of most industries, including the Healthcare sector. With millions of medicines prescribed daily, tracking their effectiveness and compliance with global standards becomes more challenging

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Imagine creating an intricate and stunning watch but never checking if it tells the time correctly in different time zones. Software development is similar. Just crafting an app isn't really enough. You must ensure it works seamlessly

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Traditionally, Quality Assurance (QA) has relied on manual processes or scripted automation. However, as the complexity of software grows, these methods are insufficient to maintain product quality and user experience. Cognitive Automation Testing strives to bridge these

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Despite several other ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems competing in the market, SAP always stands out. What started as a modest venture grew to become one of the undisputed leaders in ERP solutions. It is one of