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Public Sector Certifications

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NY/NJ Port Authority



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(Uniform Certification Program -Certifications)

  • Metropolitan Transit Authority
  • New York State Department of Transportation
  • Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority
  • Metropolitan Transportation Authority.
  • New Jersey Transit.
  • New Jersey State Department of Transportation.
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State of New Jersey



Public sectors are pivotal in society, providing essential services that directly impact people's quality of life, safety, and advancement opportunities.

However, using outdated legacy systems can lead to inefficiencies, slower response times, difficult data access, and increased cyber threats. Also, the lack of integrated systems complicates information sharing and analysis, hindering decision-making.

As public demand for online services increases, the absence of comprehensive digitization can diminish customer satisfaction and engagement. This states the pressing need for complete digital transformation in the U.S. public sector for improved service delivery and operational efficiency.

At RAS, we offer a comprehensive range of tailored services for the public sector, including application development, business intelligence, managed IT services, and more. Our user-friendly and intuitive solutions streamline workflows, provide insightful data analytics, and allow public sector officials to focus on core functions while we expertly manage IT operations.

Our track record with the U.S. public sector exemplifies our ability to tackle complex legacy system issues, including inefficient approval processes, disjointed data systems, and document management. We streamline communications and create unified document storage systems, enhancing operations and solidifying our reputation as a reliable IT service provider for the public sector.

Case Study

Digitizing An US County With Cutting Edge Web Application

Our Service Offerings

Data Management

Robust and secure data management systems for enhanced real-time access to administrative data and public records.

Business Intelligence

Utilize unprocessed data from public sector organizations to extract valuable insights for strategic decision-making and optimized performance in the public sector.

Cloud Services

Reliable and scalable cloud solutions that optimize administrative and operational data within public sector institutions.

Application Development

Tailored applications designed to improve citizen experiences, streamline public sector operations, and enhance internal communication in public services.

Chatbot Development

Engaging AI-powered chatbots to enhance citizen engagement and provide 24/7 virtual assistance in public sector settings.

Enterprise Application Development

Custom-built, large-scale applications to streamline public sector operations and foster stakeholder collaboration.

Managed IT Services

Streamlined IT operations and maintenance, allowing public sector organizations to focus on core tasks, ensuring smooth and efficient infrastructure management.


Sophisticated CRM services tailored to boost citizen engagement and satisfaction in the public sector.

Data Integrations

Streamlined data integration services for the public sector, harmonizing your data landscape for enriched insights and operational efficiency

Revolutionizing Public Service Operations with Exclusive IT Services for Seamless Digital Transformation.

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