Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence and Analytics form the heart of not only solving but also avoiding several complex and complicated problems. With a tool-agnostic mindset, custom-made solutions are drafted to perfection by Right Angle Solutions through Business Intelligence services like SAP Business Objects, Power BI, and Tableau amongst others.


Cloud BI

Cloud BI solutions come with the promise of flexibility, scalability, and reliability, at an affordable price point. At Right Angle Solutions, professionals backed by over 15 years of expertise in Business Intelligence have been at the forefront in effortless Cloud Migration and management services.

Through the implementation of cutting-edge cloud tools & technologies like BIRST and Business Objects Cloud Services amongst many others, we help businesses transition and stabilize their future in the Cloud.

data management

Data Management

Having a Data Management Strategy unique to your business goals and targets has become mandatory in today’s world.

Effective Data Management through the lens of Right Angle Solutions establishes great data quality, data modeling systems tailored uniquely to the business, and brilliant ETL projects that come together to bring businesses the best actionable points.

Application Development

As rapid application development is becoming the need of the hour, Right Angle Solutions makes sure to accommodate scalability and sustainability into the fast-paced custom web application development and mobile application development processes.

Structured to produce a great user experience that can lead to undeniable success, Right Angle Solutions is your one-stop-shop for Applications that cut the chaos.

data management

Development Service

Great experiences are now the new measurement of market success. User experience management is undeniably expected to walk through the path of AIML and NLP-powered chatbots. With multi-domain experience, multi-channel presence, and impeccable technical proficiency in chatbot development.

Right Angle Solutions designs unique formulae to create the perfect chatbot customer experience for each brand.