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About the Client:

Client is a national leader in US health care solutions for people who are at a low-income level and/or are chronically ill. From their humble beginnings in 1983 in a West Philadelphia hospital, they have grown into one of the largest and most respected Medicaid managed care organizations in the country. Today, they serve approximately 5 million members in 13 states and the District of Columbia.


As client organization grew in size over the last decade, their legacy and on prem data infrastructure started to become a hindrance rather than an enabler for growth. During Covid Pandemic it became a glaring issue on how to manage and handle the on-prem data infrastructure as many resources starting to work from home and leaving the job market. This is when client took a decision to move its data infrastructure to Azure cloud (as client data environment is Microsoft Heavy)

Cloud Migration To Azure For An Insurance Provider


  1. Lack of inhouse expertise in handling cloud migration.
  2. Lack of expertise in handling a complete SAP BO migration to cloud with all its current application connections


  • An audit of user environment was carried out to determine the usage of the platform by different departments
  • A detailed analysis was carried out to divide the data into different buckets
  • A prioritization study was done on which buckets should be shifted to cloud first
  • A logical framework was developed to carry out the load in sequential manner
  • A timeline was established to move 4 terabytes of Instances data to Azure cloud from SAP BO on prem system.
  • Study was carried out to identify dependencies of SAP BO in Azure
  • A road map was created with minimal user impact and minimum downtime


Implementation of the solution in a two-pronged approach.

Building up the infrastructure in the cloud

  • We did server sizing and installation of SAP BO
  • Tuning the SAP BOBJ as per the grown user base and usage 
  • Setting up the monitoring of SAP BO
  • Integration with Azure Active Directory and SSO Setup
  • Setting up the DB drivers with new Azure DB servers
  • SMTP setup 
  • Search indexing and APS Sizing setup
  • NAS/SAN integration with SAP BO
  • Disaster Recovery (DR) setup of the BOBJ environment
  • Horizontal cluster nodes with Service load balancers and Web server load balancers

Migration of On-Prem SAP BO to Azure cloud

  • Security migration, folder level 
  • Content (Webi, Crystal, Dashboards, Inboxes, Files, Shortcuts, Favorites, migration, Instances, Publications etc)
  • Instances that were created from many years are migrated. 
  • Schedules and publication migration with minimal impact to the business.
  • Users’ personal folder migration 
  • Updating the connections to the new DB’s (PostgreSQL, Sybase, MS-SQL server)
  • DNS Mapping for correct mapping in the new Azure cloud


  • The entire migration from SAP BO on-prem system to Azure cloud only took 6 months, this is including entire historical data migration
  • The efficiency of the new framework allowed for a quick migration of real data within 2 days (20-30 GB data) after the implementation of new Azure cloud system