Data Management

What you do with your data is what makes it valuable!

We believe that data should be effectively managed such that the information derived from it is timely, ubiquitous and more importantly accurate.

Data Modeling

To connect to data from anywhere using any tool is the sole sole mission of this service.

Our data modeler’s start with the end-state on mind. To us logically arranging data is driven more by the business and less by a data modelling school of thought!

What used to work for on premise transactional data is not going to work for data from the web, data from IOT, Big Data etc. New data sources need new ways of data wrangling. Our value proposition is to ensure that our customers are able to securely access actionable information from sustainable solutions.

Expert Data modeling techniques
Expers in SSIS,SAP BODS, Pentaho and Informatica



Successful ETL projects begin with ETL Architecture.

Regardless of the size of the project or tool of choice, our team has successfully leveraged the strengths of automated tools with IDE and collaboration capabilities with traditional SQL.

We ensure your tools are used to create winning solutions in a record time!

Data Quality

Good data does not happen by accident.

It’s a result of several different practices working in tandem to ensure that exceptions are quickly identified and categorized. While organizations debate data precision versus accuracy, when discrepancies cannot be explained and worse when they are discovered randomly, the entire data management practice will suffer.

Right Angle Solutions, successfully uses techniques from data profiling, data governance, master data management, meta data management and data modeling to ensure clean and accurate data stores.

Making sure Data is quality and trusted.
Centre of Excellence group that delivers solutions with high quality and on time

Centre Of Excellence

Our aim in creating a COE is to ensure that organizations invest in what works and stop doing what does not work.

Lessons learned from one project are not always applied to another project unless there is a forum where stake holders are sharing their experiences and creating communities of learning.

Our goal is to help create a set of processes that can highlight the uniqueness of your solution, capitalize on success factors, mitigate risk and eventually reduce the time to go to market. Contact us and we will walk you through several working models that we have successfully implemented at organizations large and small in sizes.