Boosting Analytics with Power BI and Snowflake: Faster Insights, Better Decisions

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About the Client:

One of the leading e-commerce beauty brand known for its high-quality, affordable makeup and skincare products. With a strong online presence, leverages data-driven insights to continuously innovate and meet the evolving needs of beauty enthusiasts worldwide. Founded on the principles of accessibility and inclusivity they have built a loyal customer base by offering a diverse range of products that cater to all skin types and tones. The brand’s commitment to cruelty-free and vegan practices further underscores its dedication to ethical beauty standards.


Our Client a leading e-commerce beauty brand, faced the challenge of optimizing their data analytics to drive better business insights. With a growing volume of data from Google Analytics and website orders, they needed a robust solution to seamlessly integrate and analyze this information. Additionally, sought to transition their data source from an outdated SQL environment to the modern Snowflake platform, enhancing their data management and reporting capabilities.


Data Integration and Insights:

Objective: Develop a comprehensive dashboard that merges data from Google Analytics and website orders.

Purpose: Empower business users with real-time, actionable insights to drive strategic decisions.

Collaborative Workspace:

Objective: Streamline workspace organization for improved sharing and collaboration on reports.

Goal: Foster a collaborative environment where users can efficiently access and work on data reports.

Data Source Modernization:

Objective: Migrate data sources from SQL to Snowflake, ensuring seamless data validation and enhanced performance.

Purpose: Leverage Snowflake’s advanced capabilities to support robust data analytics.


Strategic Review and Enhancement:

Action: Conducted a thorough review of existing reports.

Enhancement: Transitioned data sources to Snowflake and introduced new features based on user requirements.

Validation: Ensured data integrity and shared reports via a centralized repository for user access.

ETL & Data Integration: 

Process: Executed Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) operations to prepare data for analytics.

Integration: Integrated essential data into Power BI reports, enabling comprehensive analysis.

Advanced Report Development:

Visualization: Designed visually rich reports to deliver meaningful insights, particularly focusing on revenue trends over various periods.

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ETL Tools, Power BI, Google Analytics, SQL

The Solution


Seamless Data Ingestion:

Method: Utilized Power BI’s built-in Snowflake Connector to import data.

Preparation: Cleaned and structured data using Power Query, ensuring readiness for analysis.

Efficient Report Migration:

Migration: Transitioned existing reports from SQL to Snowflake.

Validation: Conducted rigorous validation to ensure schema consistency, datatype accuracy, and data integrity.

Custom Views for Business Needs:

Collaboration: Partnered with warehousing teams to create custom views in Snowflake, tailored to specific business requirements.

Data Pull: Imported data into Power BI using these custom views, ensuring relevance and accuracy.

Dynamic Dashboard Generation:

Development: Built dashboards grounded in specific business logic and user needs.

Interactivity: Incorporated interactive visuals, including tables, charts (bar, column, pie, line), slicers, and geographical visuals.

Specific Insights: Created period-specific visuals like Week to Date (WTD) and Month to Date (MTD) metrics for detailed insights.

Enhanced User Experience:

Interactivity: Enhanced user interaction with highly interactive visuals.

Key Metrics: Included calculations for key performance indicators like churn rate, aiding strategic decision-making.

Impactful Outcomes


Executive Dashboard

Users: Empowered Business Analysts and Directors with valuable insights.

Insights: Delivered detailed revenue insights based on time periods and user purchasing patterns.


Significant Performance Improvement

Load Time: Drastically reduced dashboard load time from 1 minute 30 seconds to just 30 seconds.

Enhanced Features: Introduced advanced features such as drill-down capability, date field updates, and a currency toggle button.

By transitioning to Snowflake and leveraging the power of Power BI transformed their data analytics landscape. The new dashboards not only provided richer insights but also significantly improved performance and user experience. This strategic overhaul enabled to make data-driven decisions with confidence, driving better business outcomes and positioning them for continued success in the competitive beauty industry.