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SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise becoming vast with wide range of new tools and Integrations. Its always tough job for BOBJ administrators to maintain the servers and perform day to day activities. Below are some handful tools we think it will be very useful for BOBJ administrators. All these tools are free and you can find more info from their websites.

Remote Desktop Connection Manager

This is one of the nice product I liked from Microsoft. RDP manger helps to manage multiple remote desktops. BOBJ admins can login and maintain multiple environments from RDP manager instead of many single RDP sessions. You can connect all servers in single shot and group the servers as you want.

You can download & find more details from


Flexible log reader

Do you think its always hard to find the errors and analyze the logs ? Flexible log reader is good tool from SAP. It helps to do all these tasks. It has more advanced search mechanism. We can do search and tag search terms. Filter Errors, warnings, debug and info logs.

You can download & find more details from



Fiddler is an HTTP debugging tool and captures network traces. BOBJ Admins can use it for trouble shooting and finding root cause of the http errors (404,500..). To trace BI service, Web service calls from Dashboards. To capture dashboard sessions, variable data and other Dashboard.

You can download & find more details from



This is another great open source tool. Using this text editor you can view any kind of document with original format. Its always important for BOBJ admins to maintain exact syntax and case sensitivity in web.xml files, .properties files. This tool really helps for that. This tool also helps for analyzing the GLF and other logs.You can download & find more details from


Query Builder to Excel

Query builder is very nice tool to get insight of BOBJ CMS. Unfortunately, it is very limited and the output is in HTML format. If you want to export or analyze the data in Excel its not an easy task. CMS Query builder will helps you do that. You can run the query builder statements directly from this tool and export it to Excel. It has predefined templates as well. You need to have BOBJ Developer tools on your machine to use this tool.

You can download & find more details from


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