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Since the world has gone more virtual than it ever could, what role does the Chatbot experience play now? What can chatbots save that need saving? What can be the opportunity cost of not having an intelligent chatbot in place today? While the utility of Chatbots has been long discussed and their scope in the market has been estimated to grow for the past few years, their benefits seem to be of greater importance now more than ever. Here are a few things (of many) that you’d be missing on without a chatbot:

Impact on the baseline costs:

Many incoming calls and inquiries are often resolved in a single call, are repetitive questions from multiple customers, posed as questions on multiple channels to expedite response – all of which result in a heavier load to manage for companies. This is a story that can be claimed by many industries too.

Each time a question goes through a Chatbot before a live agent, these problems get solved almost immediately eliminating the need for a live agent. Even adding in the concern that a customer might request speaking to an executive, the budget spent on executives still gets slashed by a third when a Chatbot is in place.

24/7 Availability to free up resources:

A customer with a query that can be resolved through a single response kept waiting for over 24 hours can cause more damage than you would imagine. Considering just this one individual, a lack of response sets a chain reaction into motion. The customer gets frustrated. The higher their need for an immediate response, the worse their feedback on not receiving one would be. The higher the pent up frustration and feedback, the longer would be the resolution time.

If only there were a way to provide the customer for immediate response to his recurring problem during the off-hours?! Had that been done, the executive on the next day could be allocated to finding a new customer or solving a different problem instead of responding to the same query at an angry voice on the phone and on multiple platforms. In addition to this, employing an efficient chatbot also erases the problem of human errors in the first stage of ticket resolution saving time for everyone.


Maximize both customer & employee satisfaction:

Your users appreciate every move you make to make their lives easier. When that move involves a bot that can provide them with human experience, solve their problems, raise their tickets, and more, all while learning the user’s behavior, it makes them appreciate you better. The Chatbot customer experience can truly be worth the hype.

What keeping a chatbot in place additionally does is that it also helps you improve your employee’s standard of work. As chatbots take over by optimizing repetitive, redundant, boring workflows; answering repetitive questions; and tackling new questions with scope for repetition; the arenas that actually need human intervention becomes the space that your employees can tackle. Taking redundancy out of the picture helps in improving their motivation towards the work too.

Compounded savings & revenue over time:

Various reports point that nearly a fourth of the inquires that come in can be handled by a Chatbot alone. Close to 27% of conversations can be automated to be responded to by a Chatbot. A study indicates that 50% of consumers are also engaging with Chatbots to resolve their queries. All of this translates to time saved by human executives who don’t any longer need to respond to basic queries.

In addition to that, the scope for creativity that chatbots provide also gives space to the brands to project their voice. Doing it right can propel the brand image and drive revenue forward. With a personality and all the answers, Chatbots get the audience talking about the brand and trending never hurt anyone.

Effective Customer base generation through Chatbots:


Along with effectively answering queries, Chatbots can also help you understand your users’ information. A successful conversation can easily turn a one-time user into a loyal customer to your brand.

Efficient chatbots can help your users retrieve required information in no time, provide them information about your products, and help them choose too – driving the customers down the sales funnel. Thereby, Chatbots efficiently convert and retain customers by strengthening the relationship between the brand and the user.

How we can Help ?

And these are the most universal and basic benefits one can reap out of Chatbots – the tip of the iceberg. So, what we are really saying is that Bot-Man is the hero the world deserves, but also needs right now? Yep. That is it.

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