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Admin April 12, 2023 0 Comments

Yes! you read it correctly

After working with several SAP BOBJ clients for 15 years and in listening to their concerns, I have realized that resources who claim to be BOBJ Administration are actually not really administrators.

They are either developers who have some knowledge of creating users/group/folders or BASIS administrators who assume that managing BusinessObjects is the same as a managing SAP BW systems.

The truth of the matter is that clients also tend to trivialize this role and don’t provide an accurate job description for this role.

So allow me to provide a few critical data points to help you get the right fit for this role.

Your SAP BusinessObects Administrator should be capable of executing these tasks in addition to other operational requirements:

  • Understand BOBJ Server Architecture. A sound understanding of product architecture is essential to establish a scalable infrastructure. Knowledge of Product integration points with other systems in the organization such as AD, LDAP, Content Management Tools etc. is critical in managing the TCO of your BI landscape!
  • They should know the role of each server that is deployed OOB and determine what servers are pertinent to your implementation. The direct impact of not getting this right will be felt in the utilization.  Users will not go to a system that is not consistently available of even worse does not perform well!
  • Knowledge of implementing multiple security models is a must for administrators. In a BYOD or a Cloud based deployment scenarios, information is supposed to be delivered anywere.  If security is not set up to support these different channels of delivery – then your BI tool will be the Trojan horse of the organization!
  • Finally – Administrators should know how to mine Metadata for the stakeholders. They should be able to provide usage statistics, content consumption patterns and other data points that will exponentially multiply the ROI on BI projects!

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