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Transforming Data into Decisions: RAS Leads the Way with Innovative QlikSense Self-Service Dashboards

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RAS QlikSense Self-Service Dashboards
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Reports and dashboards are the foundation of a smart, cohesive business strategy, serving as invaluable toolkits for any business team. They provide real-time insights on critical aspects like sales, customer behavior, and market trends, enabling better-informed decisions.

Renowned for its user-centric design and robust analytical prowess, QlikSense stands out as the go-to solution for crafting self-service dashboards. Its intuitive design and smart visualization capabilities enable in-depth, accessible data analysis, enhancing decision-making and productivity.

At Right Angle Solutions Inc. (RAS), we leverage the QlikSense SaaS tool to develop custom self-service dashboards uniquely suited to each business’s needs. Our approach is not just about providing visually appealing outcomes but delivering functional and intuitive solutions that enable organizations to fully harness the strategic potential of their data.

Let’s look at how our team contributed to creating a customized QlikSense self-service dashboard for one of our clients, highlighting the transformative impact it had on their business operations and decision-making process.

Understanding The Business Needs

A significant aspect of the requirement analysis was determining how to reduce the organization’s dependence on IT for data analysis and reporting. By enabling users to create and modify reports independently, the self-service QlikSense dashboard can speed up the decision-making process and free up IT resources for other critical tasks. The core idea was to cater to users with varying levels of technical expertise.

We also understood that the self-service dashboard should not only meet the current needs but also be scalable and customizable for future requirements. This flexibility allows the dashboard to remain relevant and useful as the business grows and changes.

Our Solution for Creating Self-Service QlikSense Dashboards

At RAS, we developed a comprehensive approach to creating self-service QlikSense dashboards, tailored to handle complex data environments efficiently and securely. Here’s how we addressed the specific needs of our latest project:

Utilizing Set Analysis & Set Expressions

Our team employed custom set analysis and set expressions in QlikSense to derive precise outcomes. This technique allowed us to filter and analyze data dynamically, providing our clients with the exact insights they needed directly aligning with their strategic objectives, and enhancing their data-driven decision-making capabilities.

Role-Based Access and Dashboards

Security is paramount, especially when dealing with sensitive business data. We implemented role-based access control within the dashboards. This ensured that users could only access data and functionalities pertinent to their roles, enhancing security and maintaining data integrity.

Handling Large Data Volumes with QVD Files

Dealing with an enormous data volume of nearly 20 crore (200 million) records, we utilized QlikView Data (QVD) files. This approach significantly optimized and quickened the data handling process, ensuring that the dashboards could manage and process large datasets efficiently without compromising performance.

Enabling Seamless Live Data

We integrated a feature for seamless live data streaming in the dashboards. This enabled real-time data updates, allowing decision-makers to base their strategies on the most current information available, enhancing responsiveness and agility.

Custom ETL Processes 

One of RAS’s strengths lies in our ability to create robust data connectivity, that allows us to extract data from various sources, including CRM systems, ERP solutions, and rest APIs. For this particular client project, our team extracted data from Microsoft Dynamics and applied custom Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) processes. This allowed us to tailor the data preparation phase to the client’s specific needs, ensuring the dashboard provided relevant and actionable insights.

The Business Outcomes of the QlikSense Self-Service Dashboard

In this section, we’ll delve into the impactful business results achieved through the use of the custom QlikSense self-service dashboard we created, highlighting its role in enhancing data-driven decision-making processes for our client.

Reduced Dependency on Technical Teams

The user-friendly interface of QlikSense makes it accessible to team members with varying levels of technical expertise. This democratization of data boosts data literacy across the organization, as more employees can interact with and understand data insights.

Role-Based Business Intelligence Dashboards

Our self-service dashboards have been customized with role-based access, ensuring that each team member sees data and insights relevant to their specific role. This targeted approach has not only improved the efficiency of data usage but also heightened the relevance and impact of the information provided.

Seamless and Responsive UI Across Devices

It has a seamless and responsive user interface across various devices. Whether it’s a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, our team can access and interact with the dashboards with the same ease and functionality. This has greatly improved our ability to make informed decisions on the go.

Enhanced Data-Driven Decision Making

With QlikSense dashboards, businesses gain immediate access to real-time data, facilitating quicker and more informed decision-making. This immediacy and clarity in accessing key metrics and trends enable businesses to respond swiftly to market changes and opportunities.

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

QlikSense dashboards reduce the dependency on IT departments for data analysis and reporting. This self-service capability empowers employees across various departments to create, modify, and view reports relevant to their roles, significantly speeding up the decision-making process and increasing overall productivity.

Customization and Relevance

QlikSense dashboards are highly customizable, allowing businesses to tailor them to their specific needs and objectives. This means that each dashboard can be designed to focus on the KPIs and data points most relevant to the business, enhancing the dashboard’s utility and relevance.

Streamlined Collaboration

The ability to share insights and data visualizations easily across the organization enhances collaboration. Teams can work together more effectively, with access to the same data and insights, leading to more aligned and cohesive strategies.

Scalability and Flexibility

As businesses grow and evolve, so do their data needs. QlikSense dashboards are scalable and adaptable, able to accommodate increasing volumes of data and changing business requirements, ensuring they remain a valuable asset over time.

Robust Data Integration

QlikSense’s ability to integrate data from various sources – including CRMs, ERPs, and external databases – into a single cohesive dashboard, means that businesses have a unified view of all their data, aiding in more comprehensive analysis and strategy development.

How Was RAS Instrumental in Successfully Delivering the QlikSense Self-Service Dashboard?

RAS was pivotal in the successful rollout of the self-service QlikView dashboard, combining our data integration and reporting expertise with a user-centered approach. We closely collaborated with business users to tailor the QlikSense self-service dashboard to their needs.

Our efforts extended beyond setup, providing training for staff and ongoing support to ensure the dashboard’s continued relevance and effectiveness in the dynamic business environment.

If your business is looking to enhance decision-making through insightful reports and dashboards, partner with RAS to explore the transformative power of QlikSense. 

Our array of Qlik Sense services includes:

  • Qlik Sense Consulting Service: Expert advice to optimize your use of Qlik Sense.
  • Qlik Sense Support Service: Ongoing assistance to address any challenges.
  • Qlik Sense Administration Service: Ensuring your Qlik Sense environment is well managed.
  • Qlik Sense Development Service: Custom development to meet specific business needs.
  • Qlik Sense Implementation Service: Seamless implementation for immediate value.
  • Qlik Sense Migration Service: Smooth transition from other platforms to Qlik Sense.
  • Qlik Sense Upgrade Service: Keeping your Qlik Sense solution up-to-date.

Don’t wait – elevate your data game with us now. Contact us.

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